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This fall, 2020, we will be running a 6-team High School Prep baseball league, "The County League", out of Albert Park in San Rafael. The goal of this league is to help prepare 7th and 8th grade ballplayers for High School play. The aim is to bring the best 72 players in Marin together and have them work with and hear from some of Marin’s finest High School Coaches. This league will also include a strength and conditioning component which is essential for players who have goals of making and excelling in High School Sports.

More Information: 

  • Evaluations for The County League

    • July 28th - 30th at Albert Park​ in San Rafael

      • *Players will be assigned certain nights/times to be evaluated.  

    • Run by an independent group of professional evaluators led by Tito Fuentes Jr, Owner of the Napa Silvarados professional baseball team

    • 72 players will be selected for this league

    • Each team will have 12-14 players and the league will have 8-12 fill-in players in case of conflict

      • *A family can request their player to be a fill-in due to other conflicts in the fall​

  • Logistical Details:

    • The County League will be conducted in September and October of 2020

      • Dates:  August 31st - October 29th

    • Location:  Albert Park in San Rafael 

    • Field work/games will run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week

    • Strength & Conditioning will run on Sunday and Wednesdays

    • The cost to participate in this program is $1300

  • Program Details (changes made due to COVID-19 protocols and will be adjusted as protocols change.  The following plan assumes we are able to 'compete' after September 22nd):

    • Week 1-3 August 31st thru September 15th

      • Each team will go through skills training, practice, and inter-squad games with their assigned High School coach, two days per week.  

    • September 17th and September 18th

      • Intra-squad scrimmage games in front of the entire coaching staff from 4:30pm - 8:30pm

    • September 21st

      • We will divide the teams as equally as possible and players will be informed of their team going forward

    • Starting the week of September 22nd

      • Each team will play 2 games per week for the next 4 weeks (eight game schedule)

      • Game times will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at either 4:45pm or 6:45pm at Albert Park

        • *In season games will have a 1hour 45 min drop dead time limit

      • There will be a strength and conditioning or yoga session each night (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) at 7:00pm for those not playing in the late game

      • Players' at bats (at least one per game) will be video taped and analyzed by one of the coaching staff

        • The same goes for pitchers 

      • Standings will be kept 

    • Week of October 19th

      • Playoffs begin

        • *Playoff time limit will be no new inning after 2 hours and 15 min

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