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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this travel ball?

A: No. This is a two-month program run at Albert Park in San Rafael

Q: Can my player do this and play travel ball?

A: Yes. We built the program to leave weekends open, and we encourage players to keep playing travel ball for their teams.

Q: Will you have a program in the spring?

A: No. This is a two-month fall program only.

Q: Will my player play for the high school coach in our district?

A: All players will be exposed to and learn from every coach. Once games start, we will not create teams by high school districts. 

Q: Is it okay if my player is doing another sport and can't make every date?

A: Yes, we will have fill in players for games but we highly encourage that no one misses any of the first five sessions. 

Q: Can I request being on the same team as another player for carpool purposes?

A: While we can not guarantee, we will try to accommodate carpool requests. 

Q: Can I request a certain coach for when games begin?

A: No. 

Q: When will you inform the players after the evaluations?

A: Our plan is to inform players within 48 hours of the last evaluation, and ask for acceptance within 24 hours of that notice. 

     *all dates and activities are noted on the program page for reference before


Q: Will there be a make-up tryout?

A: At this point, no. If there is a big need, we will try to accommodate. 

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